What is a briefing solution and what does it do?

And why this goes beyond an e-learning module

4 min readSep 1, 2020
A classic Team Briefing setting at a Hotel

A good crew briefing doesn’t have to happen live in a tight space anymore. A briefing solution allows you to transfer the right information to your team in a short, fast and surprisingly fun way within the time frame that works best for you. You can also support your team where and when they need it most and learn from their experiences in the field.

“But isn’t that just the same as offering an e-learning module?
Well, not exactly.

We are happy to explain the difference and how you can get the best out of your team and organization with an engaging briefing solution.

Mobile First Solution

Have you already invested heavily in e-learning modules? Great, absolutely fine!
But what you have probably also noticed is that an e-learning module often requires a team member to sit behind his computer.
A briefing solution is designed and developed based on the mobile first principle. Allowing your team members to quickly, remotely and optimally absorb the knowledge ahead of their shift. As a result, they have all the information ready to apply during the event.

More control over knowledge transfer

After completing a training, most people have stored only 10% of the information. Do you find that disappointing? Then also note that as a creator, you have little influence over what that 10% is. Because even if procedures and rules are packaged nicely with movies and beautiful pictures, you run the risk that only ‘the fun movie’ will be remembered. Such a shame, right?

With a proper briefing solution you only offer the 10% that is relevant to your team, in the right context and therefore get straight to the point.

Peak at the right time

An e-learning module can be done at a chosen time, but oftentimes you don’t apply what you’ve learned directly to your work and the knowledge you’ve gained as a result will evaporate.

But … with a good crew briefing you consume the required knowledge close to the moment supreme. And because last minute changes can (and will) arise, it is not really efficient for an enthusiastic colleague to go through everything a month in advance.

Stewards standing by and prepared for a football match

With a well designed briefing solution, you get the ball rolling just in time: your team members receive up-to-date information, can test their knowledge a few days before the event and then see which briefing module might need extra attention.

And when a team member has completed all modules? Then you can trust them to have all required knowledge at hand, right? In a perfect world maybe… But in real life it just doesn’t work like that.

For those exceptions a supportive briefing solution offers a variety of built in help lines. This way your team can always take a peek at a cheat sheet or directly ask for help during the event if they need to.

Manageable communication channels

Your team wants to be in touch with each other and you want to be in touch with your team. An e-learning module just does not offer that functionality.

WhatsApp then? No.
You don’t want to contribute to the proliferation of unmonitored WhatsApp groups and you surely don’t want the hassle of privacy issues.

There is a better way. With a briefing solution you offer separate communication channels in which every team member can share their questions, ideas and reactions. And because it is neatly archived, you can easily search and read everything back. So, in the event of an incident for example, you can extract extra valuable information from the chats afterwards.

Learning from your crew

You have a great opportunity to learn from your team’s feedback. Evaluations in e-learning modules are mainly focused on the learning output of the user. You however prefer to take it a step further.

What can you learn as an organization?

Your crew knows best, they are your eyes and ears at every event. You can have a beer together after a shift, but expect little enthusiasm or attention if you want to take a deep dive into the day’s events.

But you still want their feedback!

That’s why a briefing solution asks for the knowledge and experience of the team members so that you can apply new finishing touches during the organization of your next event. This way you can easily evaluate the effect of those changes afterwards and you can apply the improvements to the organization of the next… Anyway, you get it.

After an event, the evaluation module should preferably be accessible for a couple of days so the crew can provide you with proper feedback at a time that suits them best. And no, we’re not going to provide boring and long questionnaires, but instead offer them a playful, interactive and personal approach. Users will be able to hand out star-ratings, give tips, but also, for example, indicate whether they have been taken good care of during their shift.

Because it is not just about the procedures and rules, but it is also about the people. It‘s the people that make the difference!

A briefing solution therefore helps taking your guest experience to the next level in an interactive, fun and measurable way.




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